Functional Nanomaterial Group

The Singh group is working on the development of colloidal nanocrystals for energy conversion and storage applications.

Recent Publication Highlights

Broadband Optical Phase Modulation by Colloidal CdSe Quantum Wells

Nano Letters 2022

2021 Emerging Investigators inย Crystal Growth & Design Virtual Issue

Crystal Growth and Design 2021

Localization-Limited Exciton Oscillator Strength in Colloidal CdSe Nanoplatelets Revealed by the Optically Induced Stark Effect

Nature – Light : Science & Applications 2021


Ligand Adsorption Energy and the Postpurification Surface Chemistry of Colloidal Metal Chalcogenide Nanocrystals

Chemistry of Materials 2021

Insights into Nucleation and Growth of Colloidal Quaternary Nanocrystals by Multimodal X-ray Analysis

ACS Nano 2021

Van Hove Singularities and Trap States in Two-Dimensional CdSe Nanoplatelets

Nano Letters 2021

Synthesis of Colloidal WSe2ย Nanocrystals: Polymorphism Control by Precursor-Ligand Chemistry

Crystal Growth and Design 2021